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Cranial Osteopathy on Candida Sufferer

Someone just got back from a pretty bizarre experience: a session with a cranial osteopath, which has really helped her head. She apparently had four vertebrae out of place: two in her back, and two in the joint between her neck and skull. He got three of them back in, with almighty cracks, there was a big rush of blood to her brain, and she feels about a foot taller and a lot less dizzy!

The fourth joint, right at the top, wouldn’t go, so she has got exercises to help loosen it, and also another session next week. The osteopath says she has got a compressed fourth ventricular rhythm in her brain and practically no cranial rhythm, and that this is what causes her spacey, dizzy symptoms and the migraines. This is typical of people with candida or ME/CFS, apparently, but a full cranial session should re-start it and get her on the road to feeling better.

She saw a complex homeopath for a while, who treated imbalances in her organ systems (including the candida), but that wasn’t terribly successful after a while. She is now seeing a classical homeopath, who is treating the emotional and psychological side of things more. He’s getting some good results, she feels a lot calmer and more positive since starting her treatment with him.

She is treating the candida itself with herbs and diet, and now a cranial osteopath is sorting out the damage done by the stress/anxiety and improving her cerebral blood flow. She is also seeing a sort-of-Reiki healing method, seeing her ‘regular’ doctor fairly frequently, and learning chi-gung and tai chi, so all in all she is hitting it from every available angle!