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Something About London Osteopathy

There are lots of people who need something different to deal with their pains and problems. Many of these people always opt for specific alternative medicine treatment options and osteopathy is one of the popular options in this regard.

Osteopathy is defined in the medical dictionary as “A system of therapy founded in the 19th century based on the concept that the body can formulate its own remedies against diseases when the body is in a normal structural relationship, has a normal environment and enjoys good nutrition”. An osteopath is a medical practitioner who has specialized in osteopathy. Today Osteopathy is practiced in many parts of the world but the method of practice varies from country to country.

Osteopathy mainly deals with the relieving pain and injuries caused to the skeletal muscles and joints of the body. This form of therapy helps to relieve the person from the particular injury or pain, and also aims at improving the circulation of blood in different parts of the body.

There is a marked difference between the approach in the study of osteopathy followed in the UK and the US. In the United Kingdom, osteopathy is not practiced like in the United States. In the US, osteopathy is part of medicine study and hence is referred to as ‘Osteopathic Medicine’ to establish it away from the kind of Osteopathy practiced in UK. In the UK, it is more of an individual program, wherein it is not part of the medicine curriculum offered. So the osteopaths in the UK are not medical doctors but registered and legal osteopaths. There are some doctors who take it up as a specialized post graduate course after medicine. So the osteopaths in the UK could either be doctors with an osteopathic specialization or a full-fledged osteopath with no guidance in surgery.

In the United Kingdom, London is famous for its osteopaths. As per Law, all practicing osteopaths in the UK are required to register with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC). A London osteopath has special value since that is the epicenter where this particular stream of medicine is practiced.

If you need to find an osteopath, there is a list given in the GOsC, where you can locate the best osteopaths available and look at their achievements and choose one according to the postcode, the town, the country or with the help of their surname. However, there some popular options that can easily be found just by conducting a simple search over the internet. So, sit in front of your computer to find a right type of London osteopath for yourself.