- Pain management

How to Manage Chronic Pain

You can manage chronic pain using various interventions even though the discomfort is intractable. The first step is to discuss your discomfort with your physician to see an underlying condition requires medical attention before managing it on your own. In the meantime, you can use pain self help management techniques to make your discomfort manageable.

How Pain Works

Pain serves an important purpose. This protective mechanism alerts the brain that you are in danger. The physical reaction to pain is immediate. In fact, you react to pain before it even registers in the mind. This protective measure helps you remove yourself from dangerous situations very quickly.

Your body processes pain though nerves. The nerves send messages to the brain through the nervous system. The gateway to the brain from the spinal cord is the dorsal horn. This hub transfers the nerve signals to the brain.

Psychology of Pain

It may seem as if you can’t manage chronic pain through pain self help measures because the nervous system is automatic. The body processes pain naturally and it may seem as if medication is the only solution to the problem. However, this seemingly physical problem has psychological factors that can make matters better or worse.

Stress, depression and anxious feelings can worsen pain. Taking pain self help measures can help you quell these negative feelings, allowing you to concentrate on reducing your discomfort. Panic and fear are also problematic in the management of pain. It helps to overcome these feelings by addressing them in your subconscious mind.

You can use images to help your progress as well. Consider how pain works and picture your receptors closing. The main focus is on the dorsal horn, or pain gate to the brain.

Manage Chronic Pain through the Pain Gate

Imagine the dorsal horn as a gate. This gate can open and close. When it is open, you are receptive to pain and when it is closed, you are blocking the discomfort. Self-hypnosis can help you close the pain gate in your mind, which helps you manage chronic pain.

Pain self help in the form of hypnosis helps you imagine the way that your body processes pain. This is very difficult to do on the conscious level because your mind is too aware of the discomfort and the anxiety associated with it.

Pain Management through Self-Hypnosis

You are better able to get your discomfort under control when you are relaxed. Fear and anxiety stem from the unconscious mind so it is necessary to tap into this mental resource in order to get the relief that you need. You can see yourself closing the gate or you can use other images to guide you to relief.

A hypnosis CD is ideal because it provides the pain self help tool that you need to achieve success. Your other treatments work better when your mind is receptive to them. Relaxation, focus and imagery are key factors in this complementary treatment. The hypnosis process gives you the relaxed focus that you need to manage chronic pain.