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What Is Localized Osteoporosis?

Do you remember the days when your parents would ask you to drink your milk every day? You should know that they were doing it to help you build strong bones. Bones are essential for movement and protection. If you fail to protect your bones, they can become weak and fragile in the future. One of the most common bone conditions people suffer from today is osteoporosis.

What is osteoporosis? It is a condition when your bones become weak and thin. As a result, they easily get fractured or they easily break when faced with huge impacts from accidents. One type of osteoporosis is known as the localized osteoporosis. This type involves neoplasm and infection on the bones. It is easily recognizable because it leaves a patch on the bones and the body.

There are several things that can cause localized osteoporosis. One of them is bone tumor or the abnormal growth of tissues on the surface of the bones. This condition can become malignant therefore it should be diagnosed by doctors immediately. Another cause is osteomyelitis. This is the infection of the bone that may cause the bones to become weak. According to some studies, electrical injuries may also cause localized osteoporosis. X-ray results of patients have shown fracture on the bones because of electrical shocks.

How can you prevent osteoporosis? There are several things that you can do to keep your bones healthy and strong. This is very important to ensure that you will not have serious bone problems when you become older.

The first step in preventing bone diseases is to main a good amount of calcium in the body. You need to understand the important of calcium and its benefits. Calcium is the main nutrient that will make your bones strong. You can find it on dairy products such as milk and egg, as well as in green leafy vegetables. If your diet cannot supply your body sufficient calcium, you may take supplements.

The second step is to maintain a good amount of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is good for the bones for several reasons. The main role of this nutrient is to help the bones absorb calcium better. If the amount is not sufficient, then the calcium you get from food and other sources may just stay on the blood and later on be excreted. Taking in calcium is important but making sure it gets to bones is also essential in preventing osteoporosis.

The third step is to know the statistics. This is important to know the risk factors of having the bone disease. For instance, you need to know that women are more likely to develop weak bones than men. This is because when they reach menopause, the levels of estrogen decreases. You should also know that here are medications that can hinder the body in absorbing calcium.

Whether you have normal or localized osteoporosis, you should not ignore it.